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Education Update From Tutor Danny Shapcott

Education update from Tutor Danny Shapcott

We recently sat down with Tranmere Rovers College Tutor Danny Shapcott to get an update on how the College is progressing and how it is coping with the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Obviously we’re going through some changes and an interim reform at the moment due to COVID-19. The College and specifically the students have adapted very well to what is happening around them and in the world.

“The students are well drilled around the protocols we have in place. Every night and every morning the whole facility gets a deep clean and our students have adapted well to being in their social bubbles and not being able to mix between year groups.

“In terms of training and education, the positive to smaller groups is that we get to work with the students on a more individual basis. We are still able to continue training due to the modules and units that some of the students are studying, which is good however all of the leagues have been cancelled.

“The students are really exceling and taking it on board what we are doing because it is more specific to certain things due to not being able to everything we normally do. Everyone at The College, including staff, has adapted well and we are in a good position.

Danny also paid many compliments to the students who are continuing to deliver excellent work despite the current restrictions.

“The work we’ve been receiving is outstanding. I think the students we’ve got this year are using their time wisely because they are completing more work from home which is a credit to them. The focus has been great, which is the standard we set, and we’re really happy with how the students are getting on.

The pass rate of above 99% has been exceptional in recent years and Danny insists that the targets are still the same as every year.

“The targets have stayed the same and that is something we pride ourselves on, our progression and our achievement rates. Students don’t just come to Tranmere to achieve, they also come here to progress and that is high on the College’s agenda.

“We want to get students into University, into employment and to really start the beginning of their careers rather than it just end after their education.

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